Trini Tales: Favela On Blast, Diplo On The Deck… And Your Girl Dancing

Some Thursdays, Mr. Man and I scrub up, eat dinner at Grandparental O’Clock, and head to the Studio Film Club in the Angostura complex in Port of Spain.  We sip drinks (Sorrel Sunrise for me), we watch a movie, we do the social thing, we sip more drinks (well, I do, anyway).  It’s a really simple but nice art studio/space where art gets exhibited and films get shown… and they have awesome Sorrel Sunrises.

Did I mention the Sorrel Sunrise?  Which mixes the sweet, tart, and spiced sorrel with tequila and lime juice?  Just checking.

Anyway, on Wednesday afternoon, I found out through good ol’ Facebook that the film Favela On Blast would be showing on Thursday night.  On closer inspection, I saw that not only would this be a chance to watch a film about Brazilian Baile Funk music (directed by DJ-Love-Of-My-Life Diplo and a filmmaker called Leandro), but…. his eminence Diplo would be at the film screening to answer questions and then perform a DJ set!  You can imagine your girl took to the interwebs to shout out all her excitement (and make some people jealous).

So, last night, we picked up a nice lil’ posse and headed down EARLY to make sure we got in, which gave me ample time to sip my beloved Sorrel Sunrise before the bar got crowded, catch up with friends, and get some shots of the space:

After which the bar got crowded, the Sorrel Sunrises were replaced by beers and water, we found a spot along the side wall to sit (as the place was packed and all the lawn chair seats had been taken) and the film–in all its bass-thumping, favela-showing, booty-cam-angle glory–was screened:

This was definitely a film to watch on a big screen, and I’m not talking about the booty-cam angles.  Every detail, every bit of grit, every crowd scene from the bailes is best taken in on a big screen.  Fail that, this needs to be seen with the speakers on  full blast and the bass at “make sure your neighbors are out of the house” levels.  I loved it, and I loved seeing some of my favorite baile funk songs performed live.

After the screening, the stage was set to introduce….

Diplo himself, in person:

Friendly and chill as can be, he answered some audience questions (for those curious: yes, he really likes soca!), kindly struck a couple of poses:

And set fire to the DJ deck, where he proceeded to lay down the business for a couple of hours:

It was a great set and we had a blast dancing.  Who knew I still could have fun dancing without my mom’s most excellent smoke machine?

Before I knew it, it was time to return our posse to their homes and be held back from charging at a Curepe junction doubles stand (Major Lazer makes me hungry)… Oh, and to remember to take the outfit shot I should have taken before I danced my tail off:

Top and purse:  Zara

Skirt:  made by me

Belt:  Max Rave

Shoes:  Famous Footwear

Earrings:  Plum Pudding (boutique on Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY)

Necklace:  Primark

Bangle:  Granny bling

Please excuse my blur–between the dancing, the playing with the camera, and the excitement  (which was still in full force when I got home) I forgot to check my camera’s settings before handing it over to Mr. DeMille.  That’s OK; I’ll take a blurry picture in exchange for a night like last night.

As for the doubles stand I wanted to attack:  there is only so much excitement a girl can take in one day… and Carnival is only nine days away.

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