Keeping Fed

We’ve been so busy lately that I have no time to plan meals and that’s why my food output is looking rather repetitive.

Scrap that.

We HAVE been very busy lately, but that’s never stopped me before.  This time, it’s more a matter of fatigue (did anyone tell me that I’d get no sleep, for all kinds of reasons, precisely when I’d need it most during this heir-growing time?  And that I’d function in a zombie-like state of sneezy congestion and crankitude?  Did they??  Hmph!) and laziness.  There, I said it.  My total laziness has taken over and I find myself having one of those weeks (ok, months… a couple of them) when most meals get made on repeat.  I’m not too fussed, and I’m sure it will pass, and one day I’ll wake up and feel like making ravioli from scratch or sandwich cookies or some such fancy thing.

Or not.

But, in the meantime, these are the recipes that are keeping me in a state of full belly, usually with enough for leftovers (I may be lazy, but I’m also REALLY hungry lately):

Wegman’s Spicy Red Lentil Chili with Beer Bread

Thai-Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Asopao de pollo (Puerto Rican chicken soup)–I use my aunt’s recipe, but this one is similar

Curried Chickpeas and Tofu

Simple Tomato Pasta Sauce

And, because no one lives on, uh, pasta and soup alone…

Lazy Girl’s Chocolate Chip Blondies

Excuse me while I go stir the second batch of Thai pumpkin soup in the last two months.  If only I could train the dog to do the stirring for me…  Oh well–that’s what the child will be for in a few years’ time.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Fed

    1. Laura Georgina Post author

      I can’t recommend it enough–it is the easiest soup in the world! The ONLY effort is chopping the pumpkin (I don’t count blending as effort, but that’s because mashing stuff up is therapy)…

  1. Sharanya

    Have you ever seen the kiddie version of Masterchef? I totally need to have a kid like that who can cook gourmet meals at the age of 9 – I reckon you should train Miss Young Money to be a masterchef at the age of 6 – I know you can do it!


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