Miss Young Money’s Closet: The First Dress (And Freaky Cat)

You didn’t think it ACTUALLY took me this long to sew for Miss Young Money once we found out she was a she, did you?  No sirree.   I got to it the very same day we got the news.

First, to break the baby-sewing ice (and because I still wasn’t fully getting that a girl was coming our way) I made her the free pointy kitty pattern by Wee Wonderfuls I’d been talking about for ages; I finished the stitching that same Thursday night, though it took a few weeks to find some stuffing.  Recognize the fabric?  Oh yes, it’s pilfered from the scrap pile (it used to be a dress that I turned into a skirt–and not only was it enough to make the cat, there’s enough left for a skirt for her!):

I like it so much that I might have to fight her for it someday.

Once THAT was done, I moved on to her dress.  I hope she likes it–I gave her the tiny bit of fabric I’d been hoarding forever for the e-book reader that I was sure I’d get around to making someday…

And here is where I make a shameful confession:  I love sewing for babies.  I never thought I’d say that.  I have always been the most selfish of sewists (I even have the mug to prove it) and I may or may not have had plenty of ranty thoughts about people who wax ecstatic about sewing for their precious bundles of joy. Taking the time to put together something nice for a baby to be gross on/outgrow/not notice?  Hmph.  Not me, I thought.  Not EVER.  But here I am, eating my words.

Seriously, it’s instant gratification (for the impatient sewist–ahem, me) with the added bonus of cute (for her, but mostly for me to look at)!  I’ve fawned over her dress for longer, in total minutes, than it took to make this–and I’m by no means a fast sewista.  AND you can throw all the colors you want onto baby clothes because hey, they’re babies–no one is going to tell you to tone a baby’s wardrobe down.  (OK, maybe she will tell me off, someday; let’s hope she doesn’t rebel with against my color tendencies with a long all-black-clothes phase.  Or worse yet, a love for neutrals.  Cringe).

Back to the dress, though.  I used the free Petchy dress pattern, which was super easy to sew and which I love both for its simplicity and adaptability:  once she outgrows it as a dress, I can loosen the shoulder straps and she can wear it as a top with pants or whatever it is babies wear to cover their bootays.

She is going to be so sassy in it!  And she better hold her spit-ups for when she’s wearing plain onesies. Miss Young Money, you’ve been warned.

One thought on “Miss Young Money’s Closet: The First Dress (And Freaky Cat)

  1. Sharanya

    Well, I already love the cat but that dress is ridiculously cute and so exactly what a daughter of yours would wear.


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